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Whistleaks〡Whistle Blowing Platform

Whistleaks is a whistleblowing platform founded by Genesis Technologies. It was established to obtain and disseminate classified documents and data sets from anonymous sources and leakers and expose corruption cases all around the globe

Amazing Features

Some of the features that we can provide for whistle blowers are shown below

Platform of your choice

We can help you to setup custom whistle blowing software of your choice

Mobile Application

We provide dedicated and secure mobile solution for whistles blowing

Unlimited Supports

We provide unlimited customer support and extra features on demand

Secure Whistle Blowing

You can explore leak data issued by Whistle Blowers around the world using secure and anonymous communication lines

data INTEL

Try Demo

Try out our secure demo to see how the system works. In case you have a query you can always contact our support team

Demo might lack some feature that you want. For that you can always make those suggestion to our development team

Our Special Features

We also provide some unique services that make us stand our from our competitors in GDPR Compliance solutions

Account Management

Recipient can use a single dedicated application for multiple account accross companies


Upon the requirements of the company we provide blockchain services for data privacy

Performence vs Security

User can decide the balance between performance and security according to its requirements

External Threat

We provide and manage external threats that can impact the company and its customers

100% Response Time

Dedicated Hidden web and Onion hosting with guranteed up time for users

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 customer support in case user is having some technical difficulty

Lovely Customers

We have a wide range of customers from all around the world. Lets see what some of them think about us

This is a good application if you are concern about your online privacy and digital finger printing

Udra James Human Resource

This is a best tool if you are considering deploying your whistle blowing compliance software to secure mobile application

Autumn John Compliance Manager

This application provide good ground for external whistle blowing intelligence that can impact your organization

Richard Christopher OSINT Developer

This application makes sure that their are no digital fingerprint left behind while making a whistle

Paul Steven Digital Forensic
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